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Protect Yourself from the Cold

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When it's extremely cold for long periods of time, extra care must be taken to protect your family whether you are inside or outside.  The Center for Disease Control offers these tips:

  • Use fireplaces, wood stoves, or other combustion heaters only if they are properly vented to the outside.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation if you must use a kerosene heater.
  • If there is a power failure, use battery-powered flashlights or lanterns rather than candles. Never leave lit candles unattended.
  • Conserve heat by closing off unneeded rooms and closing draperies or covering windows with blankets.
  • Keep a sufficient supply of water and let your taps drip.
  • If you must go outside, remember to dress warmly (hat, scarf and mittens)
  • Avoid walking on ice or getting wet.
  • Avoid traveling on ice-covered roads and bridges.
  • Stay in your car if you become stranded.

With a little extra care, you can survive this cold weather.

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